Kids and Camping

Our kids love camping. With us camping is a loose term. We have a 33 foot travel trailer.The kids have their own room, yes they have a TV and DVD player, but most of their time is spent outside. Some people look at me in panic when I tell them we camp almost every weekend. Some not sure what I mean by “camping,” and some not sure how to entertain kids that long.

We have fun making s’mores, driving through the park at sunset looking for deer, driving around just before bedtime looking for nocturnal creatures, and just letting their creativity take over. Coloring at the kitchen table and playing outside with bubbles and frisbees fills up their day. If they want to go inside and watch a movie, they are right back outside when it is over. We try to not plan every second of the day when we are out. There is so much to and see at the parks and one of our main reasons to go is to relax. We take bikes, rc cars, crafts, crayons, games, movies, and bubbles. Most everything we store in the trailer so we do not haul it back and forth.

Our kids want to go camping, our three year old ask to go sleep in the trailer. They love the outdoors, they are starting to learn animals and birds. I cannot wait to teach them plants and grasses. And the best part is our three year old can see “her” stars at night.

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