Why a Blog?

So why are we writing this blog? When we bought our trailer we truly only knew the basics. And even then it was limited. As we researched we turned to blogs to help educate us. What we noticed is most of the blogs are amazing, but geared towards retired and empty nest families. We realized that many of our friends camp with their kids, but there are limited resources for young families with RV’s. That is the why behind this blog. We hope to be a resource and to share things that have worked for us, and things that have not. We are already overwhelmed with all of the support! We will also share our non camping adventures, including our two favorite non camping destinations Disney World and Las Vegas! We plan to bring you park and product reviews, camp recipes, kids activities, rv tips, and other adventures.

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  1. I came across your blog on Twitter and laughed at how close our two sites are. We both started the same week, we have used the same theme and both in WordPress and we are both blogging about camping. I am new to this as well and was equally excited when I reached 100 followers. As I look at your sites I can see we have a lot of the same goals. I am located BC and am gearing my site mostly to campground reviews but similar stories as you. I am hoping we can communicate and share ideas on how to make blogging work. Please take a look at my site and I hope we can communicate to share ideas, tips and stories. Good luck on your blog.
    I am on face book and Twitter as well.


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