Spring is here!

Spring is officially here! Now is the time to get you calendar booked with all of those campsites you have been dreaming about all winter. I try to be strategic when booking, especially now that my parents are going with us and we need two sites. Here are my tips:

1. We mainly book at Texas State Parks. We love the parks and are trying to visit all of them. But, some book up quicker than others. You have to be flexible. This weekend we tried two parks, and still didn’t get the loop we picked first, but that’s okay!

2. For those parks that you know book quick, plan weeks in advance. Especially for holiday weekends!

3. Don’t try to book every single weekend, give yourself some wiggle room too. 

4. Download the park map to your phone before you leave and be familiar with it. It never fails we will get somewhere after hours and have to find a spot and check in in the morning. Having the map with you saves time and frustration! The state parks websites have them, I snap a screen shot on my phone. If you get there late make sure to check in early the next morning!

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