Summertime Balance

The past few weeks have gone by quickly for our family! June means the end of school and my kids and husband are home for the summer. This also means getting into a new routine, and my time, since I am still working, looks very different when I am at home. While summer is so much fun, but it creates a whole different type of balance. Here are our three tips for getting into a summer routine:

1. Set a bed time: Our kids are night owls, but we still have a bed time during the summer. It is later than during the year. 

2. School is still in session: Our daughter is in preschool, our son is in 2nd grade. They cannot loose ground academically during the summer. Fun games, toys, and trips to the library help. My kids enjoy writing stories, playing on their LeapFrog LeapPad, and playing board games. 

3. Get out of the house: Cabin fever sets in quick! There is so much to do during the summer, get the kids outdoors, take swim lesson, there are so many options!

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