Lake Whitney State Park: Review

Oh where to begin. This might be my most favorite park. Why, out of all the parks? First it is close, it is only thirty five minutes from where our trailer is stored. So when I get off work at 5 pm
on a Friday, see previous post, I can be having dinner and set up by 7:30 at the latest. Second, the park and the lake are beautiful. We like Horseshoe loop, it does not have a lake view but it is peaceful and has plenty of room for the kids to run and play safely. And third, the wildlife!! At dusk and even during the day the deer are so thick! We saw one herd with 19 does and yearlings this past weekend. My kids love making a loop around the park before bedtime to spot the nocturnal animals, this past trip two skunks and a possum. It a favorite after s’mores before bedtime ritual! And I can’t say enough about the view of the stars, truly breathtaking.

The park is close to town, a 5 minute drive, maybe even less, will have you at the grocery store. Check the chambers website, we try to visit when there is an event happening downtown. The cute shops are worth a trip into town! You cannot go wrong with this park! The staff is also amazing!!

Update: The park experienced some significant flooding over the past year. We camped their this weekend and it was as a great as ever. We are so glad to see this park back up and running. 




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