Stress, what stress??

I wanted to share this post from this time last year. I came across it today and it make me a little less stressed remembering how much I have on my plate this week. We have been out camping the past two weekends and I am not fully packed for our upcoming Spring Break trip, needless to say I have been stressed! Then I was looking through my old post and read this, one of our first post. It brought everything back into perspective. 

From February 2015: I had an interesting conversation today, a student of mine asked me if I had plans for the weekend. (I teach college courses). I said absolutely, the weather is 70 in February I will be at a State Park enjoying the fresh air, a peaceful lake, and stars and night! The reaction was one I get often, “if you don’t get off until five and have to be back to work on Monday, is it even worth it.” My standard answer of course it is worth it! We might not get set up until dark, no my laundry for the week will probably not be 100% done by the time I go back to work, and no my house will not be 100% dusted, mopped, vacuumed and organized. But we will have clean clothes for the week, my house will be in a suitable order, and we will have groceries. Most important we will have spent time together as a family, away from the chaos, hustle and bustle, and outside! The chores will be here when we get back, our kids will only be little once. Enjoy your weekends, there is enough to stress about when the week starts, why worry when you could be by a lake!


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