Big Bend Ranch State Park

This summer we continued our journey to visit all the state parks in Texas. While we still have quite a few on our list, we were able to visit one of the most beautiful and most remote parks in the state. Big Bend Ranch State Park is located on the US Mexico Border along the Rio Grande in Far West Texas. Our home base for this trip was Alpine, no camping on this trip. Since the majority of the roads are not paved we opted to explore the park on the Visitors can float, fish and hike, or drive the scenic Camino del Rio, FM 170 from Lajitas to Presido. On parts of the road you will see the US on your right and Mexico and the Rio Grande on your left. It is truly one of the most georgeous drives in the state. 

We started at the Barton Warnock Visitors Center in Lajitas. There is a great museum here, our kids loved it! 

Along the drive the senery changes from desert to mountains to river country. It is truly georgeous! There are ample stops to have a picnic but there are no gas stations or options for food. Make sure you gas up and bring snacks before you go! For this trip it is pretty simple. We recommend starting in Lajitas and finishing in Presido in time to make the trip back to Alpine for dinner. We would love to go back and explore more of the unpaved roads on our next trip. 

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