Fossil Rim

We are reposting this because if Fossil Rim is not on your agenda, it should be! We are back using our season passes today.

I have posted about Fossil Rim many times but that’s because I love it so much! I grew up going here, my husband grew up going here, my kids are growing up here. Very few years since 1987 have we not had season passes. What makes it so much better than any other zoo? The views are amazing and you get to see and touch animals without them being behind a fence or cage. The nature center gift shop, Overlook Cafe, and Childrens Area provide a great stop half way. This trip is always worth it, and it will never disappoint. Located in Glen Rose, Texas it is a short hour drive from Fort Worth. This makes for a perfect day trip from the metroplex.

Fossil Rim is a drive-thru animal safari. Their mission is stated on all of their publications. During a visit to Fossil Rim you will see in person how their mission is achieved. Conservation education is essential to their species survival plan.

Your trip will take you through a gorgeous scenic drive through multiple pastures. Every visit is unique. We have visited in every season and almost every weather condition. At the half way point take some time to visit the Children’s Petting Zoo, gift shop, and Overlook Cafe. Plan on at least a half day visit.

They have multiple guided tours and events, you can even stay at the Lodge or two camps. Visit to plan your adventure!

Here are some pictures from our last scenic drive and a video of one of our favorite zebra friends!


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