Adventures to Walt Disney World: Saving

Saving for Disney

Planning our next Disney World adventure begins with our savings plan before our reservations even are made.

Here are our five tips to Disney Savings:

  1. One thing I make sure to do is to budget for travel every month, I make it a point to put a set amount into a high interest savings account.
  2. For Disney I start watching sites like MouseSavers and Undercover Tourist. Deciding on or off property is a big decision. What are you looking for in your trip? There is a place to stay for every budget! This year we want to stay on the Disney Resort property, so I am looking at when the discounted rates were released last year so I know when to book.
  3. I am also already watching for items on sale that would make great souvenirs so when we get there, that is one thing we don’t have to pay for. Stay tuned for the post about the Mickey Fairy!
  4. The main thing to do first is to set a plan and stick to it. We ask for Disney Gift Cards for gifts, last year I paid with 19 gift cards before we ever touched the credit card! You can find stackable discounts on gift cards at grocery stores and Target periodically.
  5. This is the hard one; remember its Disney and your trip will be magical, but magic is not always cheap. But you can be very smart and strategic about it. Starting to save over in advance, and balancing the cost make it where it doesn’t hit you all at once.

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