Summer Adventures

I wanted to get every one caught up. Sorry we have been quiet on the blog! We are traveling almost every weekend while we have time off this summer. I get to work four day work weeks, and I love it. While my four days are fast and furious at the office we have time to hit the road for the weekend. Make sure to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest @raisingtexans. We always stay active on social media while on the road!

Stay tuned for upcoming blog post over the next few weeks where share our trips to San Antonio and Albuquerque! Coming up in July we head to Beavers Bend, OK and to Central Nebraska. My son is so excited since we just crossed the New Mexico State line he has checked his 11th state off of his list. That’s a pretty big deal according to my eight year old!

I am so thankful for the Convention Visitors Breaus in San Antonio and Albuquerque for  helping us with itineraries and attraction tickets. Cannot wait to share in detail with you about these amazing cities!!

Signing off from Route 66! Will post again soon!

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